Genealogy Plus

An enhanced learning opportunity for genealogists!  Each monthly Genealogy Plus event  features an hour-long presentation by an expert followed by a study session.  All sessions held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, September through May, at the Ames Public Library, 515 Douglas Ave., Ames, Iowa.
Free and open to the  public.  No registration required.

Genealogy Plus! 2016-2017

Sept 21, 2016

Beginning Genealogy

Dennis Allen, Family Researcher

Want to get started on your family history? Learn about resources and techniques to use to find your ancestors. Even the experienced researcher will pick up new tips!

Oct 19

Genealogy Proof Standard

Alice Hoyt Veen, Certified Genealogist

Proof is a fundamental concept in genealogy. In order to merit confidence, each conclusion about an ancestor must have sufficient credibility to be accepted as “proved.” Learn the five elements of the Genealogical Proof Standard and hear a case study.

Nov 16

Great Depression Years

Lisa Ossian, Professor of History, DMAC

Humanities Iowa speaker

The early depression years, October 1929 –November 1932, in President Herbert Hoover’s administration, marked the depths of the Great Depression. For Iowa and the Midwest States, this time marked the middle of two decades of agricultural depression. Desperate times, but Iowans met the challenges often with wit, humor and intelligence.

Dec 21

Holiday Study Session

GP Help Session…with holiday treats!

Jan 18

Migration Patterns-

Which Way Did they Go?

Paul Lasley, Professor of Sociology, ISU

Our ancestors moved for economic, social reasons, seeking better lives. When and where our ancestors migrated tells us a lot about why they moved – adventure, bounty land, gold rush, or land deals. Records were kept, letters written, some survive and have a story to tell.

February 15

Making Sense of the Shambles:

Organizational Tools for Genealogy

Alice Hoyt Veen, CG

Family historians amass piles of research about ancestors. Learn how to organize your findings in a way that enhances your research and creates an easy reference system and accessible storage.

Mar 15

History of Education in America

Carol Alexander Phillips,

Phd in Education, University of Iowa

Learn about the birth of public education system in the U.S. Who went to school, what was the norm for grades completed, what did they study, what records can be helpful to your genealogy?

April 19

Secrets of

Richard Wolfe, Retired Educator and Genealogist

Focus on, it’s strengths, weaknesses, and recent updates. Learn how to effectively use the Ancestry search feature and used the educational tools and resources.

May 17

Civil War Records

Sharon Avery, Archivist, Historical Society of Iowa

The records of the Civil War hold vast genealogical value for soldiers of the North and South. Learn about these military records, what info they hold, where they may be found and how to access.