Surnames Being Researched by Our Members

(N.B. This is NOT a complete list.)
If you wish to contact the person researching these names, please send your information and contact to:

Story County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 692
Ames, Iowa  50010

Researcher Lori J.: Surnames: Johnson (Francis W.) and McGovney

Researcher: Nancy L: Surnames: Corbin, Crabtree, Hemmingson, Lee, Long, Mattingly, Ringgenberg

Researcher: Merlene W: Surnames: Meldrem, Sanders, Tinker, Whisenand, Yale

Researcher: Bertlyn J: Surnames: Zachariah Taylor Johnston (1816-1890) married Mary Mecham (1821-1907)
John H. Crill (c1790-1855) married Mary  (c1791-1870)
Middleton Simpkins  (c1790-1856) married 1-Sarah Wright (1795-1841),
2-Sarah Elizabeth Menard (1819-1865), 3-Mary L. Sanders (1800-1853)
Jacob Wilmer Crouse (1814-1903) married Phebe Dillowrth (1815-1888)

Researcher: Mary L: Surnames: Groeneveld, Lohr (from Rommerskirchen, Germany), Schaefers, Schwans, Sievers

Researcher: Patricia S:Surnames: Skofield (from Maine), Wicks (England-->Wisconsin), Sawyer (Minnesota, Virginia), Uptigrove (Pennsylvania)

Researcher: Gwenna J.: Surnames: Tapper, Koop, Luppes, Van Heiden